Saturday, July 9, 2011

Good Style is Good Art and Science Applied to Your Specific Needs.

We don’t really think about how we develop our signature, but if you did you’d realize it started by becoming aware that the curious squiggles meant something, next came learning the letter’s names and after that came the fat pencil with which you slowly outlined your first “a”. As you gained proficiency you became more confident. It was a framework on which your writing evolved and from there your signature emerged.

Your style had a development path as well; however instead of coming out indelibly yours like your signature, it has a distracting vagueness. The big difference for most of us is that our personal style developed on opinion rather than structure. Personal appearance, like writing is a form of personal expression with a structured, systematized framework on which to evolve with the express purpose of developing who we are. Without an understanding of style basics and a working knowledge of the part they play in harmonizing apparel with appearance and expression, men and women alike are never quite sure they understand why some things work so well and others, apparel, products and services become valueless causing doubt and frustration.

Using the Imago Consulting System which I’ve developed over 20 years of education, application and communication, you’ll learn how to identify your style. Once identified, you can define it and finally refine it until your Style Signature emerges. Your indelible visual statement, one you wear with the private pleasure of knowing who you are.

I want you to be self-sufficient and confident in what you wear and how you present yourself. My mission is to empower you to define your personal style and ultimately create a Style Signature, if that’s what you want as well, please give me a call.

All my best….Audrey Beaulac

Since 1992 Audrey Beaulac has been a style strategist for hundreds of prominent executives, entrepreneurs and change agents. Audrey Beaulac blends her client’s personal truths with the Science of Style to create visual signatures for one of a kind people.

Audrey directs the visual impact of high-stakes situations. Whether its ambassadors or prominent executives, self-made entrepreneurs, change agents or start-up rebels, the market defines them by their style. High achievement, ambitious goals and a need to look good are a mindset in business and life. For one-of-a-kind people, one-of-a-kind focus.

Audrey combined her extensive design, construction and textile background with behavioral psychology, social studies and peak performance strategies to develop the Imago Consulting System®. ICS® allows individuals to see and understand their unique style characteristics. Becoming a more conscious consumer of your style removes the random quality of selection. Satisfaction increases dramatically with self aware choices.

Audrey learned about style the old fashion way: at a sewing machine. Starting at five years old with her Grandmother to implementing the costume designer’s vision at the Yale School of Drama to the look and feel of a 700 million dollar Hawaiian resort for Hyatt Hotels, Audrey directs the visual impact of high-stakes situations. Her background includes being a professional costumer at both the Pacific Conservatory of Performing Arts in Santa Maria, California, and the Seattle Opera, Seattle, Washington, a staff member at the Yale School of Drama, Yale University, Director of Wardrobe for Hyatt Hotels and Resorts and apparel development and systems consultant, Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island, the Bahamas. Her retail experience includes customer service, sales and department management. She earned a Bachelor of Arts from Washington State University in Clothing and Textiles and studied apparel production and manufacturing at Seattle Central Community College; qualifying her as a tailor, draper, grader, flat pattern maker as well as a construction specialist.

Audrey’s has studied independently with such thought leaders as Kathleen Collins, Author, Speaker and Premier Image Consultant who helped Ritz Carlton receive the prestigious Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award. Leatrice Eiseman, Director of the Pantone Institute, globally recognized as “the international color guru”, author of seven color books and “the” color trend forecaster for fashion, interior/ home accessories and industrial design.
Behavioral psychologist and executive coach Martin Sage, who sees businesses as biological systems that mature along with their leaders. His work provides an innovative set of coaching tools for leaders.

Audrey possesses an extraordinary ability to look into the authenticity of your style and gives it a voice. An artist, strategist, creative director and interpreter; quite simply, Audrey defines Style.

“What you wear and how you present yourself is your Style Signature."